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  1. Hey gr5, Thank you so much for the work around, that worked. To clarify, i have internet access on my machine. The issue is our network security not allowing cura to communicate with the marketplace. I was able to add it to my account on the marketplace over web browser, the issue was simply then linking the two. The download has worked though. Thank you again for the great help!
  2. Hey gr5, The issue is getting the material into cura so that i can slice a model with it. The material isn't in the printer or Cura. Unless i misunderstood, i don't think this will work for me. Thank you for the reply and let me know if i did indeed misunderstand.
  3. Hello, I work for a large global company and we have network security. This of course is blocking me from connecting ulitmaker cura to the marketplace to sync materials. Our IT department is extremely slow at whitelisting any websites. My hope is that there is some way to add a material profile without using the marketplace and linking the ultimaker cura. That, or getting the material profile information so that i can simply create a custom material profile and enter in the same settings. I couldn't seem to find any setting information though. The material i need to add is the Poly
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