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  1. I am planning on using PET-G in a project similar to this 3D printed arm brace. https://www.instructables.com/3D-Printed-Thumb-Wrist-Immobilization-Brace/ . The manufacturing process involves submerging the 3D printed part into a pot of boiling water to heat the plastic to its glass transition temperature, then molding it around an object like a person's forearm so that as the part cools it accurately conforms to the arm's dimensions. After that I want to use my oven to heat treat the PET-G to improve its impact resistance. Before doing any of this, I want to ensure this process won't release any harmful vapors or carcinogens during manufacturing. I know PET-G is safe to print without ventilation and is considered food safe. However, is PET-G safe to thermoform and heat treat? Thank you for your help in advance.
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