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  1. yeah you're right , i did forgot to change it xD so at 0.08/0.05 it stay 0.13, so changed it to the same height as the layer height it thought it was linked but yeah that fixed it im dumb.
  2. So when I print lower than 0.08mm layer height it get this weird infill issue check video; using 0.2mm nozzle, it also seems to skip a few layers infilling as well and this does happen during the actual print, using 4.9
  3. Yup 100% right it lost all detail 😄 of the snap clip is gone just kind of a blob on stick now xD I was getting some weird blob so this top image is the with the head moving to "random" position bottom is 1sec so yeah i'll try out a tower or support side maybe?
  4. So "Lift head" under "cooling" linked to "min layer time" mine was set to 3second and i changed it to 1sec seems to have resolved it
  5. I have same problem on 4.8 and tried 4.9 it seems to based on the size of layer? video of the issue https://puu.sh/HzStM/a18de76759.mp4 LAYER:93 ;MESH:Network Port keystone to round hole 23mm-rev5.3MF G0 X111.52 Y126.641 Z14.14 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F2400 E591.28178 G1 F720 X108.48 Y126.641 E591.33865 G1 X108.48 Y126.332 E591.34444 G1 X111.52 Y126.332 E591.40131 G1 X111.52 Y126.641 E591.40709 G0 F7200 X111.8 Y126.921 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F600 X108.2 Y126.921 E591.48118 G1 X108.2 Y126.052 E591.49906 G1 X111.8 Y126.052 E591.57315 G1 X111.8 Y126.921 E591.59103 G0 F7200 X111.6 Y126.
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