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  1. Thanks @nallath for your advice, I now understand what it's doing and the rationale behind it. As much as I've got to like Cura's simplicity and ease of use (even in Expert mode which I am certainly not!), it's a shame it doesn't have similar capability as to what PrusaSlicer appears to do, that is, see both components (it calls them parts) in the single STL and when combined, slices them both as one.
  2. I don't normally ask questions on boards, because most of the answers are already out there, or I figure it out myself. This one has stumped me. I like Cura and don't want to change. I have already asked about this on the Fusion 360 board (https://forums.autodesk.com >> multiple-components-to-stl-have-shell-walls-between-components), the response was: For completeness, I've included the information from that post: I've been struggling to work out how to export multiple components to STL, and I hope someone can help me. I've searched extensively o
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