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  1. Well, I definitely didn't do that on purpose -- I didn't even know that setting existed! Could 4.9 be turning this on in reaction to some other setting? I see the "setting has a different value than what is set in the profile" indicator. In any event, thanks for the easy fix. I'll look out for this in future projects.
  2. Hello, Cura 4.9's slicer is filling in any holes or other open space inside my models. I haven't changed any settings that I can tell, and this is with a completely new project, not one created in 4.8 and opened in 4.9. I'm attaching a 3mf project, so it's not specific to this one model -- I've tried a couple of different .stl's and the same thing happens. This is a model of a replacement knob for an Ender 3 control panel. If you slice and go to Preview you'll see how it has filled in the interior with yellow, and the hole for the dial control is nowhere to be seen. Is
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