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  1. @nallath This is incorrect. I have specifically set up the printers to NOT be in a group, however there seems to be a bug where it thinks it's in a group. I had to ungroup them because it seems the "Select printer" option has been disabled in 4.9. For example, look at the below screenshots. Noah (the UM3) is the selected printer. But it's displaying as the UM3E. When I print over network, it gets sent to the UM3E and not the UM3.
  2. I have two Ultimakers, a UM3 and UM3 Extended. Trying to managing printing to both from Cura 4.9 is riddled with bugs and there seems to be a new one every day. UM3 = Noah UM3E = LongBoi I'm trying to send a file directly to Noah. That printer is active in Cura, but when I print over network it keeps sending files to LongBoi. I've turned everything off and on again multiple times but this keeps happening. Noah says waiting to print, no print jobs, and the file I want to send to it keeps getting queued with LongBoi. Any advice on how to manage a dual UM workflow wit
  3. @nallath I have tried doing that, though it keeps trying to put the printer in a group. All day yesterday I could toggle between the two, then just now I tried to print and it said I couldn't send something directly to LongBoi because it's not configured as part of a group. Really inconsistent behaviour. I've already set up each printer individually, twice. Per the screenshots below it keeps shoving LongBoi into a group which is super frustrating since it's random if I can print to it or not.
  4. I own two UM3's, normal and extended. I rely on being able to select the specific printer I send my files to since each runs different filaments. Now in 4.9, I cannot choose which printer to send the file to. The selection is disabled for anything besides "Automatic". Worse, I can't seem to target a specific printer from the web manager. Help? How am I supposed to manage targeting a specific printer? I had to spend hours connecting and disconnecting printers to get this workflow figured out in the first place, it's very unintuitive. Cura and digital factory are always y
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