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  1. SOLVED! Thank you ahoeben! I went to the last link you provided (4855#issuecomment) and installed Microsoft security update KB3126587 as suggested by fbosio at the bottom of that page. I can't thank you enough for all of your helpful comments and suggestions! (I had already messed with this for hours and I was about to reinstall the entire system and I probably would've ended up in the same place by not having that security patch.) Also thank you for answering my question about plug-ins. Your time spent on this and your knowledge are much appreciated - you made my day.
  2. Just in case, I also deleted the temporary files on the drive, uninstalled 4.9, then reinstalled it but got the same error.
  3. Also if it helps, I do not get any error messages during the Cura 4.9 installation. It only throws the error message I show above when I go to open the program. I then close the error message and the program does not open. V 4.8 installs and runs perfectly
  4. Thanks- I am familiar with drive letter assignments but I have just never seen one designated as X. X does not show up as a drive under "my computer". I did a little digging and went to CMD DISKPART and then LIST VOL. This is what I saw: VOL 0 D DVD ROM VOL 1 System Reserved 101MB System VOL 2 C 186GB Boot I don't think so but could the VOL 1 system reserved be the culprit since it has no letter assignment? (As an aside while you are kind enough to help me, could you also tell me if when you upgrade
  5. Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure what you mean by "X drive"? How do I check for that? Thanks
  6. Hello, I installed the new Cura 4.9 and the installation completed but the program will not open. I get the error message shown in the attached screen capture. I am using Windows 7 ( I know it is old) and Cura 4.9 did install and open properly on one of my other Win 7 machines, but not on the computer that I need it on. Also installed on that computer are Cura 15.4, 4.2, and 4.8 and all of those versions work properly. I have reasonable computer skills but I do not know anything about Python, so I am hoping that there is an easy fix for this. Thanks in advance for any suggest
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