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  1. Hi thanks for the reply I believe my bed size is correct I've attached pictures I've also measured it to make sure that its only going to cover the area i feel ok with it printing on . I don't really understand if I'm honest. if I change the x min and y min surely this should change its location where it prints but it doesn't. I can only apply a minus value in the x min and y min. ive tried to find a diagram to show what i should measure for each requirement but cant seem to find anything is there any step by step guides for this kind of thing
  2. Hi all I'm new to the whole 3d printer world but I'm picking it up slowly. I've perfected my prints but I'm struggling with the settings for the bed position My size seems OK but position is incorrect. The settings fo x min and y min can only be set to zero or a minus value it won't allow a positive value I've changed these settings to loads of different things yet it still prints in the same position on the bed any help would be fantastic.
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