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  1. Thank you for your response. That is for me the first contact with this community that is why I ask questions to provide the appropriate level of information at the right place. I am not using Mac. I am using Windows 10 Professional. But I encountered this glitch also on a Windows 7 Professional. To be fair only once on each of these system in many years of use. Sure it is not often. As restarting Cura solves the problem it is not reproducible what makes this bug difficult to analyze. For the development it could be possible. I have not much time to spend. I will s
  2. I am a Cura user for many years now since I bought my very first Chinese Prusa I3. This is a great software with many interesting features. That is the only software I use for my FDM printers. But I have noticed some glitches and some things not optimal. I have photos and screen shots to explain each of them and I have ideas on how to solve problems introduced. Here is a first list: 1 – Minor, preview mode: A glitch I experienced a few times: one of the layers in preview mode to be displayed on the build plate and not at the right height. Thankfully the gcode is correct the laye
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