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  1. Chrismason, "It seems do able, but if there is another way to get the filament out, without the need to completly dissasembkle the print head assembly. I would prefer not to risk taking it apart as the spring loaded leveler bit looks like it could be tricky to put back together if it pops open." "Any ideas from anyone would be greatly appreciated." In your picture you show an purple oval showing a small gap between the Core and the Case of the Printer head. My disaster killed my Print Core to the point where it wouldn't even heat up. So I t
  2. I've had this happen to me a least a dozen times... The reason is the Front FAN and Core Door are poorly designed. The worse part is Ultimaker doesn't monitor the Fans RPM so when filament hairs get caught in the fan blade, it simply STOPS, and the core(s) overheat. So you get a "bulge" in the Filament from it's expansion in the top section of the core. This causes the the filament to stop advancing, which intern grinds the material in the Feeder make the whole damn thing useless. But it just keeps printing away making a bigger and bigger mess while wasting time and money. A
  3. I have had my S5 Bundle for about 6 weeks now, and seeing how easily the Aquasys 120 can break, I worried my office was too humid, and maybe the Material Station was overwhelmed. I do have AC in my office but it's on the second floor of an old building and the factory floor does not have AC. I did have early issues with both the Air Manager and Material Station not always working consistently. Anyway I decided the best thing to do was to verify that the Material Station was working correctly. I purchased this from Amazon https://tinyurl.com/y4f83npe It's Bluetooth and at $15 US
  4. Hi, I've only had my S5 Bundle for a month now, and after many unfortunate issues, mostly fixed by Firmware upgrades and my better understanding of the nuances of CURA. But as everything in life nothing is perfect, or we wouldn't have these forums, now would we? While CURA 4.9.1 is running and I've sent a print via my network to my S5 Bundle I go back to my CAD work, etc.. But when I go back into CURA, it takes forever to re-load to my screen and it has become insufferably SLOW and I need to wait for it to respond. I wish I could say that after a few minutes it returns
  5. Well I have had my NEW S5 Bundle for less then a week and made maybe a dozen small parts, only to have all the same issues as the the rest of you.... plus more. The Air Manager can never be installed. So as of May7th 2021 nothing has changed. They are still shipping a poorly integrated system, and the GUI is more often sending me ERROR messages that send me to the website that tells what wrong but doesn't really help with solving the problem. I've spent the past 4 days trouble shooting these issue with the US Tech Support and my reseller, but to no avail.... only "ticket numbers" a
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