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  1. Thanks, I get the concept and it has given me a better understanding of functionality. However the Merge function worked well for me. It never occurred to me to select all the objects and Right Click to look for options.
  2. Thanks, That worked for my model, I just had to set Z toZero afterwards.
  3. Thanks, I checked but couldn't find anything loose. Printed the object again but rotated 90° and it printed correctly. Since then I've printed different models and the problem hasn't reoccurred. It's a mystery !
  4. Does anyone know if Cura can or ANY slicing software, regardless of cost, which can import an assembly of elements either as separate .STL files or a single .STL file containing all the elements? My printer can print three colours (Geeetech A30T) I've uploaded the CAD screen image of the test object and how Cura imported the STL elements. Cura won't align them, or at least I've not found the secret if there is one, (Arrange and Reset doesn't work) and manually arranging is not precise enough. (If I import as a single STL, Cura turns it in to one single object)
  5. I'm using Cura 4.9.0 with a Geeetech A30T. At 50% through the print I'm getting about a 2mm Y axis shift in the base for the rest of the print. Happened with both of my first two attempts at printing. This shift is not apparent in the original .stl model or the preview & slice. I have no idea if this is Cura setting issue or a Geeetech printer issue, so checking this with both parties. Thanks.
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