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  1. The 3d print came out just fine! I will definitely continue using 4.9. Got to transfer all required profiles, hopefully 4.9 will accept those with 0.3, 0.2 and 0.1mm. Maybe the trick would be to increase 0.05 to 0.2 temporary and then import ... stupid me ... it was a bit late ... to my excuse!
  2. I'm pretty new to 3D printing so I bought a Dremel 3D45 (good printer for noobs like me). The supplied slicer (Cura old version) looked a bit limited compared to Cura 4.9 so I took the risk of installing it. First I tried on a Linux (ubuntu) machine but the "AppImage" blocked me from adapting Cura 4.9 to the Dremel 3D45. So I went back to Windows 10 version. Managed to copy the needed .json files to Cura 4.9 and despite the "Config error" messages it seems to work. Had to manually type in all the parameters (sigh). Cura 4.9 refused to accept m
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