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  1. 1) Correct. It won't physically tighten anymore, but only minimally moves the plate away from the nozzle. 2) I've had it for four days and it's been like this since I unpacked it. I raised the bed and confirmed that the limit switch (assuming you mean the microswitch at the very back of the bed, which makes contact with a descending screw) is free of any obstructions.
  2. Hi, I'm new to the whole 3D printing thing and have been setting up a new Ultimate 2+ Connect. However I've run into an issue with bed levelling, The instructions tell me to use the screws to adjust the relative height to the nozzle. However the front right (looking from the front) screw doesn't have enough travel to get clearance from the nozzle. The full range goes from so close it's barely possible to squeeze the calibration card into the gap, to locked solidly together. Dropping the whole bed a millimetre would allow for much better clearance, but the bed levelling functionalit
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