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  1. @geert_2, most cardboard boxes I see are made from 100% recycled fiber, so your response is quite silly. UM can easily use recycled cardboard for the spools, or at least make the spools a lot lighter, to use less plastic. Plastic is a wonderful and very useful material (I obviously use lots of plastic to make 3D printed parts), but I don't understand why we need to be chucking such huge amounts of it into the trash. The UM plastic spools and associated packaging are a huge waste. I already made the switch to a different brand of PLA filament (made in the USA) that comes packaged in a much less wasteful way and prints just as well as the UM Tough PLA (maybe even better), with the added bonus that it's 25% less expensive. I built a simple system to use 3kg spools from this other brand, which reduces waste even more, and drastically reduces the frequency with which my printers run out of filament. Win-win!
  2. I love my Ultimaker printers, but I'm always horrified by how wasteful the filament spools are in terms of packaging material and the super-heavy plastic spools. I throw the spools and the cardboard packaging into the recycling bin, but the more I read about problems with plastic recycling, the more I realize that we need to drastically reduce single-use materials instead of relying on recycling. Ultimaker, please stop using such heavy plastic spool for your filaments - either make the plastic spools much, much lighter, to reduce the amount of plastic waste, or switch to something more environmentally friendly, like recycled cardboard or some other recycled natural fiber. I'm strongly considering switching to a different brand of filament (even though I hate how easy it is to use UM filaments) because I can't stand how wasteful the UM filament spools are.
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