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  1. Ohhhhh yess!!!!! How was is even ticked. I didnt even touch the experimental settings. Anyways, yes it works now and thank you very much Greg!
  2. Ok. I’ll go home to check. I will update you soon.
  3. Here it is. I hope i did it correctly now. CE3PRO_Turbine_M24_V1.1.3mf
  4. Urm… I think I did that but I’ll just do it again.
  5. I don’t know how to do that. Is stl file fine? Or do you want the gcode?
  6. Like the infill ratio. Not the actual advanced settings.
  7. I also tried messing around with the infill part and the infill ratio of that block did not change at all.
  8. I tried doing what you said but everything was already deselected except for Union overlapping volumes and remove empty first layers. I deselected “remove empty first layers” and it came out the same thing. What else should I check?
  9. Hi guys. I am in need of some help with cura. When I wanted to print this faucet, the base is like a donut shaped and the middle is meant to be hollow. However, when I sliced it, the whole this becomes a solid. I tried poking the filled part but I think it is a solid and cannot be removed. This is not supports as I did not Rick the supports button. Pls help as soon as possible I want to continue printing well. Thanks for your help.
  10. Last question, so if I make the wall 8mm, and put it print thin walls, how thick will the wall be?
  11. Just asking, what does the “print thin walls” function do? Let’s say I print the walls at 8mm. Then after ticking print thin walls, how thin would it print? Answering to @GregValiant, mine is like an ordinary brass 4mm nozzle. This nozzle comes with the ender 3 v2 which is what I have. I hope I managed to answer your question. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for your replies! Do you guys think 4mm is enough to be sliced? I think I might have found the reason to my question. The sides are 2mm. However, my nozzle is 4mm. Haha. I will update your if I still have questions after making the walls thicker. Thanks!!
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