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  1. OK, this has been solved, finally! In short, the internal Ethernet cable was faulty. If bypass I plug the internal cable and connect directly to the board inside, it works fine. (opening the bottom panel of the printer is not advised due to electrical safety reasons) Originally I thought this was a software problem since the IP address appeared blank even after configuring the static network settings. This is normal. The IP address appears blank until a valid network connection is found. Once on the network, the static IP address is shown on the display.
  2. I used the 'Reset all printer settings' Waited for the reset, then attempted to turn on Ethernet...it automatically switched off again. I then tried to use the ''Setup network via USB"... no luck. The IP address is still empty:
  3. I just loaded the ultimaker_network.config from the zip file you provided. Same problem...a blank IP address. do you have the possibility to connect it via wifi just to test if that would work? Our corporate IT group will not allow the printer on the WiFi. I have however, been successful with using the "Start WiFi setup" wizard with my cell phone. So I am able to create a hotspot. Have you ever tried to ping the configured IP address? Yes, I have...and it doesn't respond. Just tried it again now: Is this a new printer? It's about 2 years old.
  4. Thanks! I'll try it tonight. However, I don't believe that is the issue since the "Machine Name" in that file is read correctly. I change it every time, and the displayed name updates accordingly.
  5. Thanks for your input, Smithy. I've answered your questions below: 1. Has it working before the upgrade to 6.2? Never 2. Have you checked the Ethernet cable itself? Maybe you can connect something else on the cable to see if the infrastructure and cable is working. I have checked it with a PC, and the cable works. 3. Have you the possibility to check the other side (router/switch) to check if there is actually a link between the printer and the switch? Not sure if the ethernet port on the printer has a led, but you can check it. I've checked this, and it works. 4. Why do you need the config file, is there no DHCP on your network? There is, but the result is the same. The IP address is blank: ---.---.---.---
  6. Can anyone suggest something else I can try to troubleshoot? Will the log files show anything about the IP address?
  7. I've also tried turning Wi-Fi off in the ultimaker_network.config file. Still blank IP address:
  8. I've just upgraded to Firmware 6.4.0 No luck. The IP address is still empty and shows as ---.---.---.---
  9. Thanks for the feedback, gr5. It helped me troubleshoot further, but it looks like the IP address is not getting set properly. Here are the steps I took: I retried the following ultimaker_network.config file: ...ensured that the Firewall is off: ...and after putting the Ultimaker into developer mode, the IP address appears to be blank
  10. Suspecting that there might be an error in my ultimaker_network.config, I have since tried a simpler version: I removed everything except the specify that the type is Ethernet (above). The 'Connection type' remains the same; Unknown. Does the Ethernet port need to be enabled somehow?
  11. Hi, I'm having trouble enabling the Ethernet connectivity on my Ultimaker S5. I've recently upgraded the firmware to version 6.2.0. I'm using the 'Setup network via USB' method. The contents of my ultimaker_network.config file are shown here: The file seems to be read correctly because the machine name updates. But the status is always 'not connected' and it is not pingable. There are limited tools to trouble shoot this problem. Can someone offer some advice on steps I can take? PS - WIFI connectivity is not an option.
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