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  1. Maybe you are partly right then, but need to focus on Octoprint instead of the printer. Maybe octolapse is to blame (causes more problems to be honest). Edit: Well, problem solved! I disabled Octolapse and it does not go to the center everytime. This it is indeed for the timelapse (stop motion), to keep the printer head from moving in the timelapse video. Sorry that I didnt mention the use of Octoprint before, maybe it could saved us some discussions. Anyways, many thanks for the assistance!!
  2. Well, I just printed directly from the printer and now this problem does not occur. So I think Octoprint is to "blame". Need to dive into that...
  3. Hi, I checked the printers menu, but I can't really see something. I checked in sub folder 'motion', but can't see an option that could trigger this.. Btw, I use Pi4 and octoprint, so not from SD card. Maybe I can try to print directly from the printer SD and see if that makes a difference. Maybe octoprint causes this?
  4. Hi, Thanks for the effort! I reproduced the G-code with special mode 'one at a time' checked, but when I open the G-code it does not show that special mode in the preview! So the G-code is correct, but not showing correctly in Cura. When I slice it and then check the preview, it does show, but not the movement to the center.
  5. Hi there, Sorry that my respond is a bit late. I didn't get a notification in my email somehow. Attached is the g-code of the file. Wipe nozzle is not checked btw. Thanks! CE5_ring half.gcode
  6. Hi there, First time here (beside Thingiverse), so nice to meet you! My question/problem is a bit difficult to explain, but I'll try. When I print multiple parts with the setting 'Special Mode - Print Sequence - Once at a time', the print head will move to the center of the bed after each layer. This only happens with the first part. Why is it doing that and how can I change it so it won't happen? The advantage of 'Once at a time' is that there is no stringing between parts (especially with PET-G), but now it will sting to the center of the bed
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