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  1. But would I still be able to get the same smooth surface with even a thin layer of glue? I use it on some things, but it makes the surface pretty ugly. I feel like there's other issues going on that glue bandaids.
  2. Interesting. These aren't thin prints, I see the artifacts on every bottom layer. I'll try cleaning it more rigorously to see if there's oil like you say. Thank you.
  3. Hello! I’ve been printing things with small surface areas directly on the glass without issue. But when I print something with a larger, flat area I’m seeing warping in the middle parts, and random lines all over. I’m wondering what I can do to help reduce this, and have a great, smooth surface directly on the glass? I included a couple pictures to show what’s happening. This is “Generic PLA” settings in Cura and the machine. I see this with any brand. Thank you so much!
  4. Yeah I'll try with different air manager settings, thank you. Supports aren't really an option with screw threads.
  5. Yeah those don’t go away, they’re warping far too much to correct themselves. Since slowing it down by around 75% helps, I wonder if printing multiple models at the same time would work at a more normal speed, to give it time to cool properly as it goes across to work on the other model? Things to try I suppose.
  6. I've done this screw with a Monoprice Voxel on default settings, and it's flawless, which is why I was interested in what could be causing it this time with the 2+ connect. Slowing the print down to 20mm helped eliminate it as much as I could, which I wish wasn't the only solution, as it turns any simple model with an overhang into a half day print. Thank you though.
  7. Hello! I’m a new user of the Ultimaker 2+ Connect, and I’ve noticed that overhangs have been causing a lot of problems. I’ve tried to read about some solutions to overhang issues, such as altering the fan speed, or slowing down the print, on sites like this, but I’m not sure what else to try, or if I’m doing this wrong. I’m trying to use this as a good test to know if overhangs aren’t warping anymore: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4690959 My result with default temps (210 nozzle, 60 bed), with the filament that comes with the printer out of the box, (I cancelled the print mid-way once I saw the warping), is attached. This is with 25% infill, and .15 resolution. It will produce one good point, and then all the rest warp upwards. My fan speeds are default, 100%, and I’ve tried print speeds of 60 and 40, with no visible difference. I have the air filter kit, so the printer is fully enclosed. I also attached the benchmark ship to show more obvious overhang problems. Is there something more I can try? Thank you so much!
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