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  1. Well, The actual official manual of the WitBox uses Cura to update the firmware. As far as I know, the firmware has been included within Cura (Marlin) and we used this method before. (https://www.gebruikershandleiding.com/BQ-Witbox/preview-handleiding-682987.html#pf2a , page 42 shows the procedure as followed (except for a few alterations in buttons due to newer version of Cura). Unfortunately, BQ no longer exists as a company. I can't seem to find the proper .HEX file just yet, but I will give it another try as I am currently working the night shifts.
  2. Hi Guys, At work, we have an old WitBox printer (BQ), which used to work perfectly fine. However, a coleague of mine tried to do a firmware update within Cura. At first, the program would not find the printer, while Windows did notice it being connected. When he changed the cable, the printer was found be Cura and he started the firmware update protocol. Halfway through the process, Cura stated that the connection with the printer was interrupted somehow and the process could not continue. Since that moment, the printer won't properly boot up and the display on the print
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