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  1. I have solved it. One layer of directory is missing
  2. I have repeatedly checked the plugin.json file in the package and found nothing wrong.
  3. Yes, I'm using Windows.I just tested it and it can be uploaded normally. thanks
  4. I have disabled all the plugins and they still don't work.
  5. Browser compatibility issues. Firefox is not uploading properly.
  6. I added "wall_thickness: {"value": 1.32 }" in "creality_ender5.def.json", but it did not work. It is still based on the "wall_thickness" setting in the "creality_base.def.json" file.
  7. How should a QML file use the catlog? The console prints "ReferenceError: Catalog is not defined"
  8. So, the translation file cannot be published with the plugin, but should be submitted to the Cura mainline code?
  9. I'm a Cura plugin developer.I want to use "UM. I18n" to finish this job.Do I have to put the translation file in the "resources/i18n" directory? I hope to find some examples. Thanks!
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