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  1. Right you are. I tried the shorter name and it took off! Thank You so much for the help. I should be good to go now.
  2. I have a cr 10s Pro V2 that is still new and it is my first printer. I seem to have things working according to the startup plans I have found online. I have printed the three files that came with the machine and so I think it works. I have added a magnetic bed and the upgrade to the two Z axis drives. When I get the conditions set in Cura I save the file to the USB drive that contains the mini SD card and it confirms that the file is there. When I put the card in the printer it sees the three files that came on it and the two that I have added to the card but will not see the
  3. OK I ended up running it as you suggested. The admin seemed to clear it up after I got it cleared. The program was running and that was the root cause of the problem. I am an aviator and this was pilot error. It seems someone else beat me to the install and forgot to tell me. I spent time fixing software that was working! Right when I thought we had made every mistake one could make. Thanks for the help, the next set of questions will be bigger challenge for yall.
  4. Great information! thanks for that, it all sounds right. I did not consider that it might be running. I am away form the shop and I will try your thoughts the minute I get back. Funny how knowing about the software makes this easier...... Many thanks
  5. --------------------------- Ultimaker Cura 4.9.1 Setup --------------------------- Error opening file for writing: C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 4.9.1\Cura.exe Click Abort to stop the installation, Retry to try again, or Ignore to skip this file. --------------------------- Abort Retry Ignore --------------------------- I searched the drive for Cura.log and for %APPDATA%\cura\4.9 and for %APPDATA%\cura\4.9\Cura.log and found no results. Do you think the log is missing??
  6. I am setting up on HP envy laptop with windows 10 that is up to date. I have downloaded the software on two browsers and am getting the same result. I can check through the screens on the agreement and on the select folder screen I get an "error opening file for writing" I have two of the computers and it happens on both of them. Whatever I am doing wrong, I am at least consistent. Just setting up a system for on time manufacturing and I seem to be stuck in the starting gate Thanks for your help
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