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  1. Hello, I installed BL-Touch yesterday on my Artillery Genius, how can I set within Cura that the Nozzle is heated only after the ABL (after "G29"). Because currently I have the problem that during the ABL ("G29") constantly runs filament from the Nozzle. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, How can I hide as best as possible the Z seam in Cura? I have tried different things like: - Sharpest edge - etc. Unfortunately, this does not bring the desired result. With angular objects this works quite well because I can put the Z-seam on the sharpest edge. However, if I now print a figure with many curves, I have these ugly Z-seams everywhere. What is the best way to place this? So far I've sanded them away but even that doesn't look very nice. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello, I have now for a few days an Artillery Genius so far everything has worked. Now I have problems with the adhesion to the glass plate, if I print round objects with brim everything stays nicely stuck, but if I now glue other shapes often lift the edges and especially the corners something high. I could not solve the whole thing with the cura settings so far. What else can this be or what could I still adjust? I still have adhésion spray from 3djake lying here but I have not yet tried. The problem is with pla 200/60 d
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