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  1. Hey, thanks for your help, I noticed that the Build Plate Adhesion Type was resetted to skirt and in cause of this it was too large... Thanks!
  2. Hey, Since the update I have restricted areas in cura. It did not matter until I wanted to print something big. I have a Anycubic Mega X and the print volume is big enough for the model, but it does not slice in cuase of the restricted areas, I will send you a screenshot. I sliced it a while ago (On cura 4.8 it worked perfectly) but I had not the fillament I wanted at the moment and I had the stl so I deleted the gcode and in general this wouldn't be a solution because I want to fix this, I searched for the problem but there was no solution (The solution for the ender 3 did not work). Best regards, Jonas
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