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  1. I double, triple, quadruple checked that I selected the UM2+ Connect. I even downloaded 4.9.0 when we received the three new Ultimakers, because I was still on 4.7.0 (?) which wouldn't show the Connect models. We have UM2 w/ Olsson Blocks, UM2+'s and now these three Connects and a UM3, so I'm always careful with selecting the right printer and print profile. I have attached a .UFP, .GCode and .3MF I tried to print this afternoon. They appeared to start on my number 1 and 2 UM2C, but not on number 3. UM2C_Ellips Ad.ufp UM2C_Ellips Ad.gcode UM2C_Ellips Ad.3mf
  2. Wierd problem that's been bugging me all afternoon: our new UM2+ Connect is showing a persistent error (picture attached) where, after selecting a print, it homes and displays: ''An error has occured while reading the print file. Please reslice your print.'' Well, I tried reslicing. Didn't work. Same error. I tried updating Cura to 4.9.1 (coming from 4.9.0). Didn't work. Tried exporting in .GCode or .3MF instead of .UPF. Didn't work. Tried a different file, a simple Benchy. Didn't work. Tried a different laptop with a fresh 4.9.1 install. Didn't work. Tried a
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