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  1. Ah yes wow perfect, the 'make overhangs printable' was the key problem, thanks very much to both of you for the help!
  2. Hi, thanks very much for your help. I checked all my mesh fixes, and they were all set as default (I haven't touched them at least!), and secondly in the photo I sent previously, the z value was set to 0 already, below is a clearer picture without support showing what it looks like, it seems to add a bit onto the bottom making it flat. I also attached the project file below. dome_cura_project.3mf
  3. Hi, I recently came across a problem when printing in cura (same problem occurs 4.7,4.9 haven't tried others) where I designed a hollow dome in Google Sketchup and when sliced in cura, the design seemed to completely change no matter what orientation I try to print it. If I print it 'the right way up' then the walls for some reason are printed thin, a bottom layer is added (which I have set to 0 in the picture) and the entrance to the dome is covered up, and when inverted, the top of the dome is printed completely flat and the top almost turns conical. i have added the stl file be
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