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  1. I think I have it solved, found this on Github. I have a Dell laptop and it had Dell backup and Restore from new, uninstalled it and now Cura is working fine. Thanks for the help. "NOTE: If you have a Dell Laptop/PC, this may be useful information or something to at least look at trying. We had this same crash issue when opening/saving files on my wife's Dell laptop with Cura ver. 4.1.0 and even the latest 4.2.1 -- see Cura Git issue #4220 for more specific details. The issue was fixed after disabling 3 Dell Backup & Restore Shell Extension services (used Nirsoft's shexvie
  2. No I do not have Chitubox installed. The only change I made was upgrading from Win7 Pro to Win10 Pro. There was a pretty long span of time between my using it on Win7 and me trying to use it on Win10.
  3. Tried to run the new 4.9.1 install again and it will open correctly and all of the drop downs, and zoom-pan-rotate functions work but it is still crashing when I try to open a file. Click File Open and the File Open (Explorer) window still opens for a few seconds with the "waiting" spinner for a few then everything closes. NO Admin or Compatibility Mode this time, just installed it (AV off during install only) and ran. Help please stderr.log cura.log
  4. I backed up my original files and did an uninstall of all versions on my PC, downloaded and installed 4.9.1 then restarted. First try the app opened OK and didn't show any previous files to open so I tried File Open, same crash issue. I will try again when I get back to my PC and post the log and error files.
  5. The printer has been on hiatus for a while...I installed 4.9 and have the same crash problem with it as well. Thought I would try to fix the crash issue on one that used to work before I risked all of my custom print profiles and settings.
  6. Cura 3.2.1 keeps crashing on Win10 Pro. The program previously ran well on this laptop with Win7 Pro but had not been used since upgrading to Win10 Pro. I am running as Admin in Win8 (tried Win7 also) compatibility mode with Anti Virus off. I've run chkdisk and sfc/scannow with no errors found. Cura will open correctly but will crash shortly after I click File Open. The File Open (Explorer) window will open briefly with the "waiting" circle spinning then the Cura window will close completely. Cura will also open correctly and will load a Previous File onto the build plate and comp
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