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  1. That's a bit awkward for us because we got the feeders directly from Ultimaker after we had a call with them. We'll contace the original seller of the printer and see what they say. I will update afterwards.
  2. I installed the other matching feeder as you instructed. I checked the fan, core and feeder and they all seem fine. Our pva seems in decent condition so I doubt that's the issue. We also use the default cura profiles when printing. Unfortunately I still get the same error.
  3. Hi, We recently installed the fine knurl feeder for our second extruder. We use the second extruder exclusively for PVA and I am happy to say it fixed the issue with PVA filament breaking in the Bowden tube. Only issue is that when it prints pva, the printer pauses and spits out error 65. I made it resume the print from my phone as nothing seems to be going wrong on the actual print. And as long as I don`t clear the error on the touchscreen, it prints fine. But once it finishes a layer after clearing the error, it pauses again and gives the same error. I tried tightening the feeder's grip slightly above the recommended setting, although not all the way. This isn``'t stopping us from printing fortunately, but it is a bit weird and annoying. Any help would be welcomed! Leandre
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