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  1. I have been trying all kinds of different things as noted in this blog. Nothing worked, still the same issue of printing one layer, then stops extruding. I decided to contact the Ultimaker Customer Service. He gave me a Gcode test file "UM3_MiniCalTest". My Ultimaker printed it perfectly with different heights. Now I am thinking the Cura software is the problem. I am not sure where to begin with Cura:-Is there a different software than Cura I can use for the Ultimaker 3?-Could Windows 10 be the problem?-I have Cura installed on two computer, one is Cura 4.8.0 and it slices and gives a time of about 2 hours, the other computer has Cura 4.9.1 and it slices and gives a time of about 3 hours. It is for the same .stl file, why the difference. When the file I have was printing good, it sliced and said 1hour 15min. I am not sure of why all these different slicing times for the same file. The only thing I did differently was to update the Ultimaker firmware and the Cura software version.Is there any setting in Cura I need to change or perhaps re-install the software? At least we are narrowing down the problem. Thanks for your help.
  2. I did not update the firmware since the Ultimaker 3 was purchased in 2019. C The firmware I believe is UM3: Should I update it? The PLA has not been dried in a while. I will do this today and try to print again. The print core 1 is 0.4 mm. I did a print core cleaning hot and cold pull. When I change the filament, it flows nicely out of the print core until I stop it. I also tried to print with a new print core 2 (0.4 mm), (never used) and the behavior is the same, e.g. a perfect first layer with good adhesion to the glass plate, but printer stops extruding while still pretending to print. I set the temperature at 200C and 60 mm/s print speed. I tried to make some observations when it stopped printing the first layer. When I start to print, the set temperature is at 205/205C, when my problem of extruding stops at the first layer the set temperature is at 198/200C. As it continues the printing motion without extrusion, the set temperature is at 199/200C. The fan in the front is turning.
  3. My Ultimaker 3 was working fine, but all of a sudden it stopped printing. It also extrudes well after loading the filament since the liquid filament comes out of the print core in a long string. I changed the print cores and still the same problem. After the first layer, the liquid filament stops coming out of the print core and the print head still keeps going as if it is still printing the object but it is not. Thank you for your help.
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