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  1. Cura is not available on App Store. Also you would have to find a way to transfer the gcode file from ipad to the printer, and I don't think there's a native interface yet.
  2. Might be helpful to share the STL? Can't really tell from the screen shot what the bottom layer looks like.
  3. Hi all, I just noticed this phenomenon while trying to slice some models. The print speed appear to change depending on whether the model is sliced alone, or with other models present on the plate. Both were sliced with the same profile, I simply deleted the other models (spool holder body in this case), and the benchy now have varying speeds. This is using the standard quality profile with the only change being 200 degree nozzle (inconsequential) and 90% inner wall flow (also inconsequential?) I do notice the speed color scale have changed, but still doesn't explain the variance in the benchy, or at least expect to see the same variance in both benchies to relative degrees. Is this the intended design or am I missing something? Thanks in advance.
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