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  1. Hi, I got a responce from my Ultimaker support ticket. The method that was recomended via the video here: Printhead PCB Installation (UM3/UM3X) - YouTube This method was recomended along with a caviate that the print core should be heated prior to disasembling the print head assembly. This sounds good, and I began the disasembly prior to switching off and unplugging the printer. I only had to disconnect the cable, undo the 2 rear screws which go through the full length of the assembly. Byt the time I had removed the print corethe core had cooled, so removing the filament was difficult and additional heat was required. This solved the issue. I then re-assembled the print head assembly, cleaned the cores, calibrated, performed maintenance and everything is now printing well again. I hope this helps someone else if they have the same issue.
  2. Hi, I have a similar issue with my Ultimaker S5. The front axial fan failed which resulted in the print core clogging up and ended up with a bulge of filament at the top of the print core. Iamge attached shows in the purple area where the bulge is. I have now got a new front axial fan, installed it and its working fine. The issue i have now, is that i can not remove the filament. I cant pull it up or down because of the blockage bulge. I also cant pull the print core put because the filament is stopping it from sliding out horizontaly. does anyone know how I can get this out? The only method I have found that might help me is this video: Ultimaker video on youtube It seems do able, but if there is another way to get the filament out, without the need to completly dissasembkle the print head assembly. I would prefer not to risk taking it apart as the spring loaded leveler bit looks like it could be tricky to put back together if it pops open. Any ideas from anyone would be greatly appreciated.
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