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  1. Hi RudydG, thanks for answering, and I have checked the front fan; its working allwright… I’ve unclogged the nozzle for a few times (hot ánd cold pull), but that also seems to have no impact. just now I noticed that the tube is being pushed out of the feeder in the first layer🥴, with just the front fan working; maybe that’s the problem? is the front fan cooling the filament down too much? I’ve reduced the flow down to 97%, and even that is not working all the times; after a few minutes the tube is pushed out again… printing with PetG, standard settings (fast) and the flow adjusted to 97%, there is no saying when it is going to stop again…
  2. Hi there, I’m experiencing multiple failures on my UMS3 since a few weeks now; I think my nozzle is clogging and the boden tube is pulled out of the feeder everytime… I’m using a AA0.4 core and UM Tough PLA, just with the recommended settings… this also happens with UM PetG and a AA 0.4 nozzle, again with the standard Cura settings… Please advise, and help…
  3. Thanks gr5, I wasn’t clear enough in my question, sorry for that, but anyway😀 What I mean is: what type of material should I choose after loading the filament on my UMS3… After loading the filamentspool, before forwarding the filament, the machine wants to know (because it doesn’t recognize the material) what type of filament it is… Which one should I choose? (Ultrafuse 316L is not an option) hope to hear from you again, regards Woezerd
  4. Hi there, I’m trying to print a design I made in Ultrafuse 316L, a stainless steel material… I have downloaded the Cura settings, but I don’t no what to choose when loading the material on my UM S3 please advise, thx
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