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  1. Sorry bout that Smithy, but figured it out in another post
  2. I figured it out. During the loading process, I was pushing way too much. Then the feeder tried to push more filament in, but couldn't because it is blocked by the nozzle. This means that it will lead to clogs, due to the fact that the nozzle's extruding rate is far less than how much the feeder pushes. This means that the pla at some point can't really move, because it hit a dead end, the nozzle. This means that the feeder's gear still keeps on spinning, leading to it melting the plastic at where the filament touches the gear.
  3. Just an update, I did it again and opened up the feeder. The gear is just grinding up the filament. What can I do?
  4. Did you solve the problem? Like a long term solution, than a short term solution of taking the feeder out?
  5. Hi everyone, I am trying to load and unload the filament. When I press unload, the gear didn't retract out all the filament. This happened to me last time and I had to do a hot/cold pulling cleaning procedure. There was some clog. I don't think it should be a problem this time, because I just did it. I don't know, but could this cause the nozzle to not be printing too much? The loading process extrudes out some, but when I print, it prints out little dots. I also noticed that when I was able to unload it, there were some bumps at the end where the gear and the filament may touch at.
  6. HI, I tried printing again. It kind of had a better result after doing the hot/cold cleaning, but still pretty much does the same thing. Not much of the filament extrudes out and some of the filament gets stuck onto the nozzle. Here are some pictures
  7. Hi, Wrong material setting is that I did not choose colorFab in Cura but chose pla or tough pla. Also, I don't think this is a Ultimaker spool so it can't detect it. One question is I chose colorFab in Cura, but on Ultimaker, it does not have the colorFab option. Is that needed? If so, how do I do it? the hot pull cold pull thing, and I was able to get the filament out and it was definitely somewhat clogged. However, when I pulled it out, at the part where the gears touch it, there was a bump there. Is this natural?
  8. Hi guys, So when I loaded the filament for the first few time, it extruded out. (this was with the wrong material setting) However, when I tried to print a few times, no filament really came out, so I tried the loading process again it extruded fine again. (with wrong material setting) But it first kind of shot out some then with a steady stream of filament. Then I tried to print a few more times with different materials (just tried pla and tough pla) and those didn't work, so I tried loading again, but now it does extrude out. Then I used the right material setting, and it didn't work. What does this mean? Clogged?
  9. Hi Everyone, I am helping someone out with the UMS3. When I tried to print, all that came out were some blobs here and there. They weren't even big blobs, but they were pretty small. I did that a few times, but it still didn't work. I found out I chose the wrong material: from generic pla to colorfab Color on Demand. (I am using AA .4.) However, when I tried with the right material, it still didn't print at all. I am not sure if it is because the nozzle clogged or something else is wrong. I did notice that when I was loading the filament. When I tried to push the filament in with the tension latch down, it wasn't sucking it in. I just shrugged it off and manually pushed in the pla by opening the latch. Maybe this is the problem? Does anyone have an idea on what to look for or what the problem is? Thanks UMS3_White side.3mf
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