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  1. thanks all of you .Now let me see what can we do with the help of sources provided by you
  2. thanks @Cuq and @GregValiant for reply. I also had the idea of merging or copy and paste of two files but I also think Changing the way Cura handles building a gcode file would seem to be much more work than building a single file from two files that. we need to do some changes in documentation of CURA. Did any of you find anythingh in that direction, then please convey it to me.
  3. thanks @GregValiant for your reply ,yes you understand correct , I think the problem is that when we try to work both extruder T1 and T2 at same position in same layer then Cura doesn't allow us because of detection of interference(collision) of profiles of extruders so we have to find in documentation of Cura the file which perform this task and then we have to change, replace or place a new file there to stop this detection . but till now I am unable to figure it out. Can you help me out @GregValiant or anyone ? I will be very thankfull for this
  4. hello freinds , actually I am working on project where I have to configure Cura slicer for hybrid 3-D printer where two independent extruder deposit dielecric and composite material and a laser is attached with one extruder to sinter composit material . assuming laser as extruder how can we make it in cura that it cover same volume or cordinates as cover by composite material. I tried to import two files of same ,model at same place and assign it to seperate extruders but it gives wierd results when I Preview it , It is unclear which part is made by which extruder Can anyone help me out ,I will be very thankfull
  5. actually I am new to it , are you talking about above nallath github link
  6. hey anyone find about this if yes please let me know @newdesign and @xisle. or anyone else please. defining g-code for laser attached with extruder to sinter extruded composite @myterious0104 did you find it?
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