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  1. Oh my god, you just saved my life. Google failed me with results. Thank you for this!!!!
  2. No, I have an Ender 3. 1. No, Ender 3. The XYZ has always been at the center for me, unless I'm losing my mind and never noticed it. Or I mixed it up with the XYZ for the actual object. 2. That's tough, 4 days a week I use it on Ubuntu 20.04, and 3 days a week I'm on Windows. But I ended up unchecking it to test, and it's back to normal. Kind of misleading, especially if only Delta printers use it, why is it available on an Ender 3?
  3. I've been working on a few projects for work, and one of the designs I did, has a weak point that can't really be fixed by changing it. It's got specific dimensions. Is it possible to make a specific area of a print at a different infill? Say you're printing the letter "A", and the bridge between the left and the right side need to be reinforced. Would it be possible to step from 50% infill to say 75% infill in just that area? Even gradually increase it? If this isn't possible, could we make this a reality? There's probably more than just me who would benefit from this. I'm trying to get a Fabrication Shop setup at my work, and having some flexibility with software would be mint.
  4. Howdy Y'all. New here. I created an account because I'm having an issue with Cura. I upgraded 2 of my 3 systems from 4.9.1 to 4.10. HUGE Mistake, I deleted 4.9.1 on both of these machines. 4.10 automatically unselects "Origin at Center", regardless of what options you choose during the install. I've sliced with 3 different OSs, and printed on 3 separate printers. Prints generated with 4.9.1 have no issues, prints generated with 4.10 seem to not have "Origin at center" checked, even though it is in Cura. I've tested with; Cura 4.9.1 Cura 4.10 Windows 10 64bit Ubuntu 18.04 64bit Ubuntu 20.04 64bit Mac OS X 11 Profiles, settings, these things shouldn't be touched when upgrading software. Not sure why it was this time, I haven't had any other issues with Cura except for this. It's got me a bit baffled.
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