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  1. Well, great. Appreciate the warning though. I'm not sure grouping is gonna cut it for me, but I appreciate the insight. Even if doing it by hand though, you think I could fix it by cutting and pasting bits of gcode in a text editor? I don't know if this thing does relative or absolute coordinates.
  2. Hi, I need to ask how to control the order of prints when it's set up to print one at a time. My printer's situation is that it'd be much easier (ie less likely to collide with previous parts) to print models in front first, moving backwards. But I don't see how to adjust this. If it helps to visualize the hardware, I'm using the Snapmaker 2. Unlike Ultimaker's printers, this machine slides the printhead side to side, raises and lowers the rail the printhead is mounted on, and slides the bed forward and back. So there's more risk of collision if the prints are in any order except front to back. Thanks in advance.
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