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  1. I am trying to write a python script to play subsequent beeps at the end of a print so i can hear when it's done. I have already got it to show up in Cura (a feat on its own), and now I'm trying to make the script run like I want it to. Here is the script: # SEEKMSMSMSM # Script to play beeps from typing import List, Dict from ..Script import Script import re class Soundy(Script): version = "1.0.0" def getSettingDataString(self): return """{ "name": "Soundy", "key": "Soundy", "metadata": {}, "version": 2, "settings": { "startFreq": { "label": "Start Frequency", "description": "The starting value of the sound.", "type": "int", "default_value": 300 }, "endFreq": { "label": "End Frequency", "description": "The ending value of the sound.", "type": "int", "default_value": 800 }, "individualDuration": { "label": "Individual Sample Duration", "description": "How long should each frequency between the range play?", "type": "int", "default_value": 1, "minimum_value": 0.2, "maximum_value": 20, "maximum_value_warning": 15 } } }""" def __init__(self): super().__init__() def execute(self, data): StartFreq = self.getSettingValueByKey("startFreq") EndFreq = self.getSettingValueByKey("endFreq") ID = self.getSettingValueByKey("individualDuration") sound = range(StartFreq,EndFreq) Command = "M300" for n in sound: SoundCode = str(Command," P",ID," S",n,sep='') for layer in data: index = data.index(layer) layer = layer + "\n" + SoundCode data[index] = layer return data break return data The script shows up, shows the values I can edit, then when I check the Gcode, there's non of the commands I want (M300 P1 S500, for example)
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