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  1. Hi All, I was wondering if there's a plugin or way to request a support structure like the scaffoldy supports in formlabs' software (which btw is a really good 3D model prep, orients and positions models for most efficient print with one click). I love cura, but with small figurine game models the supports cocoon the model and its virtually impossibly to remove them without breaking the model. Different orientations, manual support blocking in places ... still hard. The supports in preform are super easy to remove and more like the tree structure (though in cura this still cocoons
  2. Hey guys, First of all, thankyou so much for all of your help and fast responses. New to printing and modelling its all very intimidating and overwhelming but im learning fast and i cant tell you how much i appreciate the responses! I ended up going back to blender, did a lot of undo, deletes and googles but eventually managed to make the model with some thickness (although i cheated by duplicating the initial cube and sizing it down a little). Finally got a decent print of this for my friend's birthday. Thanks again!
  3. Hi, apologies if this isnt the best category to post in, I was unsure. I made a 3D cube in blender to print, however in cura when sliced, it shows that walls dont print. Does anybody know how i can fill these gaps to make outer walls? If i use the 'Solidify' modifier and add thickness, it generates walls but it wont generate any infill or side faces. From the wireframe you can see the sides are basically circle geometries which cura takes as a big gap. Obviously this isnt what we want to be able to print. Is there a blender way to make a mesh 3D print friendly? or a 3r
  4. awesome, ill give that a try when i can and let you know how it goes 🙂 Thanks again for the help
  5. CE5P_food choice.3mf I did choose the 'ironing' option on a 2nd Re-print and it seemed to help. but still looks like its missing a later. in cura, after slicing and using 'preview'. i can see that whichever face of the die is on top, it renders as yellow instead of red. I think red is outer walls? is there a way to get the print to print the top the same way it does the walls, ie as a shell rather than a top/bottom?
  6. Hey, thanks for the replies. I slowed the print right down to 30/s but it's exactly the same. Any other suggestions?
  7. Hi All, Newbie here. I tried printing a 3D die with takeout choices for a friend, and its printed great ... except for the top layer. Each side is smooth but the top layer (KFC) printed differently, like it should have had a finishing layer to make it smooth like the other five sides. I looked through the settings and i think the option to add 'Ironing' may help but i wanted some advice as why this happens and how to correct it? Thanks
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