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  1. Thanks so much! Yeah, I suspect the material XML off the Ultimaker Marketplace is wrong, but I may be missing something important. I'll experiment and report back 🙂 It's nice to learn how to edit the raw XML, that's much easier than using the GUI. Thanks again.
  2. Is the real answer to just avoid Polymaker's PA6-CF? Has anyone had success with it?
  3. Hi everyone! First time posting :) I have the UMS5 Pro Bundle, and I'm experimenting with printing with Polymaker PA6-CF filament. I downloaded the material settings from the Ultimaker Marketplace, but have run into a few issues, and I was wondering what settings I can tweak in Cura/on the UMS5 to fix the issues. The biggest problem is after any print (or abort) while the Ultimaker is displaying "Finishing..." on its screen, the CC 0.6 nozzle I use for the PA6-CF cools down for a minute or so before the material station tries to retract the filament. By the time the UMS5 Material Station tries to retract the filament, the nozzle's temp is down to somewhere in the neighborhood of ~130C, where the melt point of PA6-CF is closer to 180C. So the filament is completely rigid, and can't be retracted. I've tried to pull on the string coming out of the nozzle by hand at this point, and it's really strong. Then the Ultimaker detects a jam, and has me remove the Bowden tube, and cut a big chunk of material out to "clear the jam." All that's really necessary is keeping the nozzle temp closer to 180C during Material Station retraction, so that the PA6-CF doesn't freeze up in the nozzle. How do I fix this? Also, and this is much more minor, I've noticed that the UMS5 will extrude long strings of material during warm up, with the print head off the side of the bed so they fall to the ground. Is this some kind of pre-programmed purge? Sometimes, with the PA6-CF, the material will bunch up on the nozzle instead of drooping down in a string, so if I can avoid it I'd like to turn off this behavior. Thanks in advance for the help!
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