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  1. Ultimaker S5: my print will run out of material overnight. When the flow senor acknowledges there is no more filament, will it automatically which to the next spool if loaded with the same material? If not, is there a way to manually pause and switch extruders? If I pause the print will the be noticeable damage to the print?
  2. Is it possible to switch which extruder a job is printing from mid print?
  3. Yes, that was it! However it looks to be very glitchy/spotty if it were to try and print. Even with the wall thickness increased it still appears glitchy. I remodeled the actual model to give the form an inner wall and outer wall which solved this issue. Print time is doubled but at least I'll have the detail at the top. Thanks
  4. I am trying to print the shell of this model only at 4 layers thick, but Cura is not slicing/printing the top levels. the model is not flush/flat at the top. I'm certain that has something to do with it, but why would this prevent the slicing of those raised portions?
  5. I am unable to place a block within the print to create support for the bottom of the interior sleeve of my vase. I also do not want to increase the infill as obviously this increases print time and material use. Is there a good easy way to localize infill? or add support structures within the object?
  6. I am having the same issue, although I can confirm I manually calibrated the plate height to the core, calibrated the lift switch, and have PLA loaded in both feeders with 0.4 print cores loaded for extruder 1 & 2. I removed the print and took the attached photo:
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