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  1. Thanks for the replies! Carbon that is exactly what I'm hoping for. When I used the boss/base to fill in the fins it must not have merged them to the body. I've been trying to add a fillet but it doesn't seem to let me fillet a curved body to the cylinder. Back to the drawing board! Thanks everyone.
  2. Hello, I designed a rocket in Solidworks and have broken every one so far. Version 3 survived 120 PSI launch twice! Super fun. One of the most common failures are the fins breaking off during launch or landing. Here is a layer near the bottom. The preview shows that it prints the cylinder first, then each fin. I think it might be stronger if the fins were connected to the cylinder in the same extrusion path instead of printed after the cylinder. I was wondering if there is a setting in Cura which would make the printer trace the very outer-most perimeter in one continuous movement? Like it would go around one third of the cylinder, then out to the end the fin, back in, around the next third of the cylinder, etc.. Any feedback greatly appreciated! Thanks
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