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  1. Great insights! I imagine the problem is the temp creeping up with the enclosure. Ill need to lower the temp and check it with one of those IR guns (i dont have one yet). Im also using the enclosure because, yes, i was scared into the idea of particles LOL. But also because it helps with the smell. The filter removes most of the smell so its nice to not have that oder lingering around. haha this is great! Makes sense 😆
  2. 3rd fan is def working. I have an air filter enclosure around the printer, its a clear acrylic door and top covering with an air filter. So maybe the temp is a bit higher inside the printer but my place is not hot, 72° temp. I was printing usual settings with 0.25 nozzle before. I just switched back to 0.4 and its working ok now. If i see jamming again, I will get some new teflon.
  3. Thanks for the info! It looks like i keep getting failed parts. I believe im putting the tube all the way in and the printer is set up fine to begin. Maybe its the teflon that is the issue? The problem looks to be stemming from the print head jamming, which then causes the the feeder to chew up the filament. Heres some images of the latest filament that i pulled out of the print head and the failed part.
  4. @gr5 Looks like the 3rd fan is working. I checked the Teflon part and it looks new still but maybe it needs replacing. Any reason why this jamming happens?
  5. Can anyone explain why the filament keeps jamming in the print head? Its happened twice and every time i need to take apart the head to get out the stuck/melted piece! Im using PLA at 200C temp.
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