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  1. didn't exactly understand what you ment. But it turned out fine. I looked at g-codes of other prints who were printer completely clean and smooth. So it will probably be ok. Thanks anyway
  2. I sliced a miniature in cura and when I look at the slicing it looks fine. But I opened the g-code, these zits show up and ruin the print. In terms of look it isn't that bad, but there are parts who should go in each others or things like gears and it messes them up. Does anyone know hot to solve it?
  3. Thanks, you mentioned that details require cooling. Should the fans of the printer work while it prints? Cause I haven't done that.
  4. The problem shouldn't be the support settings, they are something that works and made especially for miniatures. So it is probably some other thing in the profile. Also, I now usually use a 190 temperature instead of 180.
  5. Hi, thanks for your help, I actually did manage to print it in the end and with 0.05 layer height. It was just that the ABL system didn't work well so I just turned it off. However, now I have a new problem. I tried printing a mini with supports and they always break mid print, and all of their material ends up sticking to the nozzle. I then tried printing it without supports but... you know... without supports a lot of the staff breaks. The picture with the complete mini is the one without supports, which is good enough I guess. The problem is that a lot of the prints I need wont print without supports
  6. So as the title says, my profile has a problem that makes the builds to not stick to the build plate, and its a problem since it makes them just move with the nozzle. I have a BIQU B!, and I know that the profile is the problem because it managed to print the XYZ calibration cube. Unfortunately, I don't have to profile to the Calibration cube, as it came with the printer. The profile is made for extra details but I don't believe it is the problem. If you can help me it'll be great 🙂. Thanks to anyone who tries to help! small profile.curaprofile
  7. Thank you (: You said it might come from a new printer, but is it possible before the fillament is in? Also is it possible if the printer is not new, but it is the first time it is being used?
  8. I have a BIQU B1, and I tried to preheat it in order to level the bed and fill PLA instead. But before I even leveled the bed the printer started making smell, is this normal?
  9. I have managed to fix it! I just used a custom printer on Cura instead of the automatic one for BIQU B1 and it worked, thanks for the help
  10. I tried setting it to 3.5 and it didn't work, so I tried switching into 0.2 nozzle and it worked, but it says that because of it my profile switched because standard quality didn't work with that type of nozzle. I used special profile, so if you have any idea of how I can import it to super quality I'd love to hear
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