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  1. Visually I cannot tell the differences. I tried a few times to insert THE print core (labeled as AA) the printer kept showing as BB. If I insert another print core (AA), the printer detects the right print core (AA). I have eight print cores in hand (I know, crazy!!). I have tried 5 of them since I have extruding issue before, four of them are detected as they should be. lol
  2. Does anyone have the experience that you inserted AA print head but the printer detects BB print head?
  3. got it!! After two days battle, it is calibrating!!! Thank you!
  4. Here is a better picture. The filament is only half thick around the feeder.
  5. And looks like the filament id grinding in the feeder.
  6. When i took the filament out it looks like either the feeder or the tension is very tight. Here is the damaged filament around the feeder.
  7. No, it is not a second hand printer.... It was bought from Ultimaker....:( The print head is also new...
  8. It is AA. What level it should be? It is around the middle and the feeder lever is fully closed.
  9. It is a new print head and I have hard time to get the filament coming out from the nozzle or sometime they won't even come out. Thanks! Here is the video:
  10. Thanks!! it works... Now the filament will not come out from the nozzle.
  11. Thanks!! This is a brand new printer.
  12. Here is the whole process: https://youtu.be/rOUEciPVph0
  13. This is what happened during the lift switch calibration. After I confirm the lift switch is parked in the bay and it try to perform the action (release and lift) but it is very far away from the bay so it won’t do the release and lift. And then I retry, the system is forced to shut down
  14. Here is the video https://youtu.be/w2qH2d50O9E
  15. Reset didn’t work and I cannot upload a video.
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