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  1. Szahari, Thanks for the response, but No, I'm not missing the tuning or data because of bad prints. I do this for a living, my prints come out perfect on every printer I own. Im missing the info and tuning because the "no hassle" "magic button" approach is NOT REALISTIC! In the real world you need to be informed on your process, adaptive and flexible. This machine is NOT THAT. For anyone who runs printers 24/7 you will know that any printer, even my 80,000 dollar printer, is NOT A MAGIC BUTTON. Things fail in weird ways, parts wear out, ect... I need to be able to do diagnostic testing and troubleshooting. I need to be able to watch a print run take some notes on the running data in real time to improve processes. If Ultimaker intends on going to the "no hassle" "so easy a cave man can do it" route with all products like Makerbot did then this company is fated for the same doom. I choose Ulitmaker BECAUSE I can work on them, BECAUSE I can modify them, BECAUSE they WERE open...
  2. Longtime user and lover of ultimakers here since the start: I personally own an original, X2 UM2gos (the best ones IMO) and a UM3 and at work I manage a large fleet of X2 UMs5, X2 UM3, X2 UM2go, X8 UM2+ and now we just got X4 UM2+ Connects. We also have about 10 other "pro level" (expensive) printers. We have around 30 printers total. We run the Tinkergnome firmware (ver16, anything newer has a fatal bug, please fix that Mr. Tinkergnome) on all the 2+ versions, this firmware makes them my most used printers out of all of them, yes including the ones that cost between 30k and 80k. This is because with tinkergnome everything is visible and tunable, it feels like a professional tool such as a CNC machine, not a toy. Ive had the UM2+ connects for over a week and the Hardware is a great upgrade, but the firmware is like a child's toy. To us this is a MAJOR step back and is a total deal breaker for me, Where is the tune menu? Wheres the printing data? For example: when the machine is warming up the screen just has text that says "the machine is warming up" and nothing else, no number, no status bar. When we got the S5 I was disappointed by how few options are in the menus but with the UM2+ connects you cant even change temps or feed rates while the machine is running, let alone see any data at all. ......Even my cheap 200 dollar Ender3 shows me this So am I missing something? Help me out because Im ready to throw these glorified toys in the trash and get old UM2+ machines on Ebay Is this thing even running Marlin?? REQUEST: Pro level firmware for the UM2+ Connect that has ALL options and shows ALL data, even options that will crash/break the machine if used improperly by an idiot. Rant over, Thank you.
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