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  1. Hey ya'll, I had this idea a while back to fill a 3d print with concrete to give it some heft and then paint it. That worked great, but I had a few issues. Namely, the stl I had needed some support on the inside to print well. My initial print had a few small holes and when I poured the concrete mixture, it made a bit of a mess. Mind you, this was maybe last year, several months ago at least. So the exact details are a bit fuzzy. Well, I started printing some new models from Scan The World and it got me pretty fired up to try this method again. Figured I'd try the same model since I know where the trouble spots are and if I can find a fix for it, well I can find a fix for any future prints I imagine. I vaguely remember that I had 0% infill, and if I remember correctly I had no supports. I bumped the wall thickness up to 4 and had 4 for top and bottom layers. I think what I'm looking for is an easy way to add supports to the inside of the model where necessary that clings to wall as if it were infill. Does that make sense? Maybe this quick little drawing will help illustrate what I'm trying to say. So here we have a wall that might droop and cause holes. Next to it I have the desired affect, where the infill is essentially a thicker wall that helps bridge the gap and eliminate the possibility of a hole developing. I've also attached the stl that I originally printed as a hollow shell. Note* It's not my work, I got it from thingiverse but I don't remember who made it. ElderRemix2.stl
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