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  1. Hello SandervG, Thanks for your response. I was originally concerned it might be the core not getting to temperature, but I've replaced it with a new core and the problem still occurs. The front fan appears to be working when the printer is running as I regularly clean the filaments of material out of it. The Bowden has a little external damage and the tube has, on occasion, been pushed out of the feeder by the force of the jammed filament. I'm willing to explore other solutions but thus far the damaged Bowden tube and collets seem to be the most likely at this point. I would already have replaced them all if I could find somewhere that sells them.
  2. So I've started to have problems with my two Ultimaker S5s not feeding and jamming up. According to what I see online this is down to damage to and movement in the Bowden tubes. As such I need to buy new tubes and new retention collets. Does anyone know where in the UK I can get these as there seems to be a lot of spares for lower numbers of Ultimakers online but very little for the S5.
  3. Excellent! Thank you very much for the advice!
  4. Hello all. So I had some feeding issues with my S5 grinding divots in my filament. My own fault, I'd taken the feeder unit apart to clean out gunk and not reassembled it properly. But now I'm having a problem where as that feeder pushes filament down the bowden tube it's pushing the tube out of the feeder. After a few seconds the tube pops clean out, even with the little retaining horseshoe in place. Means that feeder is essentially out-of-order. My first plan is to replace the bowden tube, in case the end has got too mushed up for the retaining clip to grasp, and also to replace the push-in clip. However the only replacement tube I can see from one of my suppliers is marked as being for the 1, 2 and 3 models. Not the S5. Are they still compatible? Also I can't find the clips for sale. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find them? Thanks!
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