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  1. Thank you for your replies! I just tested some scenarios with pause at height in mm. Unfortunately I have the same issue. The generated g-code is also basically the same with M0 for the pause command. Manually pausing works fine for me as well. It would be very interesting to know what g-code is send from the pause function of the printer itself, so I can try to replace the generated g-code pause command. I contacted Ultimaker Support directly and asked for this information. I'll let you know if I can resolve the issue.
  2. 3D-Printer: Ultimaker 2+ Connect Firmware Version: 1.5 Cura Version: 4.10 TLDR: Does Ultimaker 2+ Connect (Firmware 1.5 / Cura 4.10) support the g-code M0? Pause at height does not pause. ----------- I added the "Pause at height" post processing script with the following settings. With the method Marlin the printer correctly moves the print head to the configured coordinates, moves the build plate down and retracts the material BUT will immediately resume the printing process, meaning build plate goes up again, the print head moves to the last
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