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  1. In my experience, it is down to the filament itself if it comes off easily. For example: I live in the US and buy all my filament through matterhackers. Their black PLA comes right off the build plate but than their yellow PLA is impossible to get off if you didn't use some sort of UHU glue like Filament Junkie mentioned. My recommendation would be that if you want a smooth and shiny back of the print, first do a small test print with that filament and see if it comes off easily. That's what I do because some prints I really need that shiny back.
  2. Thank you very much!!! problem solved!
  3. Hi, As you can see below, I always get a start around my model which I don't design. Can somebody help me with the setting to turn this off please? I can't find it myself in the settings.
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