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  1. Hello I'm having a problem with a certain print, it is messing up at the same point every time. This is a simple spacer for an ABS box to make it taller so I can have more room inside. The issue is with a logo. the logo is on both sides, however, only on 1 side it is creating very bad under extrusion. I have changed many settings, layer height, no. of walls 1,2,3, speed of printer, it doesn't seem to make a difference, I also tried turning on/off retraction to see if it would make a difference and it did not. I also tried turning retraction on and setting some prime amount to see, but no. it appears that the printer is using this as its layer starting point and by doing this the first 3-4 cm are under extruded until the printer catches up and then it is smooth. The logo on the other side is fine because there is no layer point starting issue. how can I fix this? Please help. My printer: Any Cubic Chiron Nozzle .08mm Speed: 30m and 20 for walls Temp 215 nozzle, 65 Bed PLA; Hatchbox
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