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  1. Please see the attached project file. Look around layer 10 to see the issue. The only parameter you need to change is checking/unchecking "Mold" Slicing with Mold CHECKED creates the desired fully dense support with no Z distance between the support and part/raft. Slicing with Mold UNCHECKED reverts to a sparse support with a visible Z distance between support and part/raft. Thank you. Mold Mode not respecting Support Parameters.3mf
  2. I appreciate the offer, but I don't think we are in a position to pay for this at the moment. The cost/benefit is not there for a "nice to have" feature. We will continue to tape a label on and deal with the occasional label that falls off during post processing. Maybe one day something like this will make it into the base package. Thanks for the response!
  3. Our workflow prints a high volume of small parts. We would like to engrave/emboss the file name (which is a "job number" in our workflow) onto an exposed portion of the raft during the print. This would allow us to track the part/job through the rest of our post-print workflow. Having it on the raft would not interfere with the part geometry. This can not be done "In CAD" as a single model is printed in many different jobs. Does Cura have some mechanism to print the job # or file name that we are missing? Again, looking for a method that does not interfere with part geometry, but is physically attached on a break-away raft. If not, that would be a nice, business focused request. Thanks.
  4. When using the "Mold" special mode, modifications to Support parameters are not respected in the slice. The slice preview still shows a Support being generated at the bottom of the print, but it reverts from a modified dense zig zag to a very sparse grid when "Mold" special mode is enabled. I might assume the "Mold" special mode has hard coded support parameters? Is this intended? More info: "Spiralize Outer Contour" is required for our workflow We modify the Support parameters to remove the gap between support and print We modify the Support parameters to make it solid at the base (lowest inch of the print) by setting the distance between zig zag supports to zero These modified Support parameters and Spiralize Outer Contour work well together when Mold is not enabled We then enable the "Mold" special mode to translate the printed spiralized single wall to just outside the part "Minimal mold width" is set to the line thickness plus 20% to keep it a single wall count "Mold roof height" is set to 0, this opens the top of the mold and allows us to pour in media "Mold Angle" is set to 90 degrees to trace the contour of the part Problem: the modified solid support structure then reverts to a sparse grid
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